Monday, September 7, 2009

Breakfast Faves

So, 2 of my favorite things for breakfast are these turkey sausage thingys I make and my breakfast smoothie.

Turkey Sausage Wrap

I buy a package of turkey sausage and it usually contains like 5 big links.

Take 1 sausage link and take it out of its casing (I squeeze)
Add it to a hot pan- Let it cook for about 30 seconds then flip. Let it cook some more, then I start breaking it into pieces. Let it cook til all the way done.

Then I take 2 small white corn tortillas or 1 larger tortilla and melt some cheddar cheese on it in the microwave, fill it with the turkey sausage, add some salsa and sour cream. You can definitely add eggs, but currently eggs make me sick. So I omit them. This actually came from my egg white omelet recipe. I just replaced the egg whites with a tortilla. It is really good and only maybe 300 calories for the whole breakfast with lots of protein! Definitely fills you up!

My other breakfast staple is my smoothie.

This is kind of a great recipe to utilize what you do have.

I usually keep frozen strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and cherries on hand.

This morning I used:

1 Activia Light yogurt-vanilla (or any yogurt of your preference)
about 1/2 cup of skim milk
1/2 cup each of strawberries and peaches
1/2 of a banana
2 splenda packets

Blend on high til mixed. Then I slowly add in 4-5 big ice cubes to get it to the smoothie consistency I like. So good!

I will try and go back and add pictures to the posts later (once I find my camera).

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